Collaborative residency with Vladimir Bovt, Maxime Coster, Anna de Vriend and Yanxian Zhao


Livestream can be watched from feb 18th till march 14th

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Uncontrollable? Maybe it’s too soon to tell. Newly graduated artists, Yanxian Zhao, Vladimir Bovt, Maxime Coster and Anna de Vriend will be presenting their show “Uncontrollable? / Too Soon to Tell” in Kunstpodium T from february 18th till march 14th. 


Graduating during a pandemic and continuing an artistic practice under lockdown has been challenging. It has forced us all to rethink the borders of being in and out of control. Exploring this theme, the four artists will relinquish control to each other in order to explore the boundaries between autonomy and collaboration. 


Yanxian, Vladimir, Maxime and Anna will inhabit the spaces of Kunstpodium T for four weeks, alternating every three days. During this time their communication with each other is limited to leaving notes, works, scores and challenges in the spaces themselves. 


The audience is invited to tune in and follow the process through an ongoing livestream or pass by the window in Tilburg! 

In order to explore the boundaries between taking control and giving up control within this collaborative residency, each resident leaves a score/rule/instruction that the others must follow, along with some general scores set up by the group as a whole.

The score so far:

  • For the duration of the residency, all internal communication within the group happens within the rooms of Kunstpodium T

  • “Yes, and …” (we can only add to what the others have done not remove)

  • Any additional score should encourage/inspire not limit

  • Any material present in the spaces is to be freely used by all

  • Bring material of emotional value so that we could get to know each other

  • After your stay leave a score for the others to follow

  • Draw a tarot card everyday and let it inspire/guide you

  • Take a picture of 'the farm' everyday and send it to Yanxian

  • Post your process online and tag Kunstpodium T everyday

  • Discover a part of Tilburg (I liked walking through 'Korvel')

  • End your day in 'The Sanctuary', make something big or small to share or keep to yourself

  • Make at least one polaroid picture of somewhere in the space everyday and hang it on the place you took it

  • Choose a book, choose a page, and read aloud (to the space/to the audience) for 20 min everyday