Stay #6

When I left Kunstpodium T after my first stay, I was hoping that my traces would be reacted upon. Wanting this to develop naturally without forcing the others, I didn't give literal hints. Instead, I hoped to achieve this by leaving enough physical space for the others to intervene and communicate with me, and also by keeping what I did ambiguous. I was most interested in if and how Anna, Yan and Maxime would connect to what I had done in their own authentic way. Having said that, I also feared a bit that they wouldn't be able to connect to the traces that I had left.

IMG_0521 2.JPG

Coming back, I was pleasantly surprised that Maxime had started intervening with my work. By arriving in the room that I had mostly worked in during my first stay, I saw that she continued upon my collection of receipts by adding her own. Instead of hanging them on the wall like I did, she put her receipts on the ground with a post-it note on them. By doing so, it felt that she gave me what I needed, which was making a connection with me and giving me the space and trust to make a curatorial decision on her contribution.

Another intervention of Maxime was her interpreting the letters that I wrote to Tinkebell by translating them into French and English. Rather than it just being a follow up to what I had started, like with the receipts, this intervention of hers provided an extra dimension to the letters that I had left on the wall. It really felt that our artistic practices came together in this intervention. 

Maxime's textual work was now also next to these letters upon my arrival, so she must have felt a connection with my work too. Surprisingly, because even though I was considering hanging the letters next her work during my first stay, I thought it would make it textually overwhelming, so in the end I decided not to do so. By moving part of her work to the other room, Maxime connected with me which I wanted, but couldn't, during my first stay.


< Interestingly, while I did put my work there because I could see a link with your letters, it was in big part also because of Anna's work there that I moved it. I had just recently read that quote that I hung up there with the books, and I couldn't help but feel this connection with her work. I was struck by the beauty of how she had translated her grief into this work. It felt to me that she had empowered her work to speak of her grief far more than she herself was able at the time perhaps. I felt the need to make that idea known, so it wasn't really about my linguistic translation but about her artistic one. 


Interesingly for me also that even though what I thought your intention for moving your work was was different from your real main intention, it still worked really well in the space with my work too

In my first three days, I started exhibiting my personal documentations and reacted to the others spatially. My second stay was about finishing what I had set out during my first stay, also by taking into account Maxime's intervention in the middle. Since Yan and Anna both hadn't seen anything of my contributions yet, I was hoping that they would find a way to connect with them. Having finished documenting my stay by hanging my clothes, my receipts, my tarot readings and some polaroid pictures in the spaces, I rounded off my stay, and left the rooms for the others to follow.