Stay #8


When I stepped back into the exhibition space, I realized things got uncontrollable, as our theme was. I remembered we started this collaboration on a mutual understanding that we create things that expressing our impotent feeling of losing control in this time. Apparently, thoughts got wild. 


Being the last one to create work, I also carried the responsibility of defining the last look of our exhibition, yet without dominating others. 


My glove farm, the one has made before, wasn't coherent with other’s works in the space anymore, but it stood in the middle of others and shouted for transformation and adaptation. 


Standing within Vladimir’s shop window-like settings, Anna’s mourning of her lost friend, and Maxime’s book of languages, I forged a lamp with gloves, a setting that could fit in all 3 contexts and hopefully, add something more to their works.


The lamp you created worked really well in the context of the works that were in that room. It was a noticeable work on its own whereas also giving space to Anna's, Maxime's and my works by shining onto them.

The pressure started after I moved to another exhibition room, where Maxime’s work was before. She dismantled her work at her second stay, part of it because I asked to use the projector in my work (the only one in the place can be used in the day time). In this space only 3 walls were occupied by Anna and Maxime’s work, there are many empty spaces left. 


The space of my work has been confined by others’ work, then the question came, how could I made my work, on its own but also adding to others? How could I avoid the domination?


< This is quite interesting. The room at that stage seems to have been filled up more than after my first stay (I had occupied "only" 2 walls), yet at this stage it felt more empty than when you encountered the space the first time.


I sat among Anna and Maxime's work for hours, sought out a solution for our final look of the place without dominating others nor submitting to the things that have been built. 

Domination is an action of getting influence and control over something.  Reflecting on that with hours of thinking, I realized the answer was long given in our initial idea that was the key of our exhibition: "Yes, and? " I came to a solution by using collage, a way to keep the existing settings but added on my thoughts, more importantly, given a changing look to space with time. 

I made a video installation with gloves, without disrupting the connection that Anna has built between the two paintings she made on the opposite two walls, but to add a frame to Anna's painting at daytimes. My work emerged while the light went off. 


In another half of my work, I aimed to portray the horror that affected our subconscious by the pandemic, on this half, I wanted to express the contagion side of the horror caused by the pandemic. There were outbreaks of protests globally from February to April, contradicting the current measurements that proven could control the spread of the virus, many people gathering on the streets and protest to the government. Although there were many reasons behind every protest that was going on, undoubtedly, its essential lied in the fact that the horror spread accompanied with the virus in our unconscious, and it was going out of control. 

I collected protests across the world that were presented by the media and made a short film to project on the glove screen and Anna's painting. The short film appeared when the night came with 3 different layers and looks. In such a setting, I questioned the ability of control in our unconscious.