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Stay #1

I could sit here and give you a play by play of what I did within the spaces of Kunstpodium T during my first stay from start to finish, as the first person there too, but I genuinely don’t think any of that is important or relevant. Within the scope of our project the only thing that matters is how I left the space for the others to find at the end of my first stay there. Because with me gone, how I left the space and what I left in it, was all that was there to communicate for me. As everything was empty when I arrived and that emptiness weighed on me, I focused the brunt of my interventions on just the one bigger, street facing room. Two of the walls were occupied with installations when I left. On the one wall it was mostly written text hung up on the wall and lined on the floor. On the other wall, the one directly facing the street, was an audio and visual installation made up of screens and projections showing images of people talking. Only one of them had sound to go along. Above this installation was the title of our project, printed on paper and taped to the wall. Next to the door on that same wall, was the score, as it stood so far, and a chair beneath it, with the material required to perform some of the scores. In one corner of the room was also the streaming laptop. And here and there you could also see the bright neon-pink pops from the slew of post-it notes I left, containing only the most practical of information or questions I could come up with, for the others. I had used the freedom of the blank space to my leisure, and had left what felt like to me, a semi-filled space, with room to alter and add on to. 

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Looking back though, I guess I tend to forget how much sound can fill up a space. For me I often like some background noise, and hearing people talk made me feel less lonely during that first stay, especially since it echoed everywhere. But that did make the work very domineering. It's a good sign in a way. I tend to wield silence more generously when I am not entirely comfortable, but I am much more noisy, when in a place of comfort.


< I also made some more quiet little additions to the space like these