Stay #2


Are we simply only got affected physically during the pandemic? What has changed in our physic lives? The abrupt change in physical contact to virtual communication, how is this change affects our way of exchanging thoughts. Can we also communicate through purely artistic visuals, that words are not part of it? How much of our thoughts could be understood? 


In Uncontrollable, Too soon to tell! I tried to find answers to all the questions above, as well as: can the boring, repetitive, and lonely process of making become part of the art itself? 


I chose gloves, a symbol of Corona-19, a carrier that contained our unspeakable horror and anxiety after the pandemic hit. In my own work, I aim to explore the influences of pandemics in our unconscious. When I reached the space and tried to find a way to connect my thought with Maxime’s, I was unable to do it. In her work, there was no space that allows intervention or interruption. 


So I have to move to a new place with realizing where a place that full of ourselves, no one could participant in. Thus, I altered my initial goal, other than expressing myself through my art, there have to be many empty spaces allow others to engage. 


> I wonder if it is about our thoughts coming across or something else? In a way thoughts are still lingual. Material, interventions and connections communicate and have their own agency without words, or thoughts.

< I was so so sad to see that you didn't feel the space to connect to interventions. I really had been open to more direct interruption. To me "yes, and ..." gave a lot of room to alter the work more directly without stepping into the realm of destroying or removing. I imagined that somebody could add their video work to loop together with mine on the screens for example. I didn't think it necessary to explicitly write it down at the time. I wonder what would have happened if i had...

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