When I thought about my stay before it started, I did not feel the need to make a work for this residency. I did, however, want to go to Tilburg and complete my stay, react on the space and the work of the three others. Since I did not feel the necessity to make or present an 'artwork' per se, I was afraid that my presence would not be felt in the space. This made me decide to bring my clothing hangers with me to Tilburg and hang my clothes in the space, hanging one outfit for each day that I was there. By doing this, I wanted to test whether my stay at Kunstpodium T would qualify as artwork for me.

I was the last of the four to arrive at Kunstpodium T so the rooms were already starting to take shape with works. There were two rooms facing the windows that served as 'exhibition' spaces. Since one of the rooms was at that time filled with Maxime's installation, and I didn't see an opening for myself to start there, I decided to start in the room where Anna and Yan were working. In a way, I could already see a connection with Anna's work, since she brought SIMIAN, which is also a work from/with textile.

Stay #4

One of the first things that caught my attention when I walked into the rooms of the workspace, was the tarot deck that one of us had brought. It was related to the first score that was written down with pen by one of us in the space, following the scores that were layed out by all of us before the start of this residency. Coincidentally (or not :)), I also brought my own tarot deck with me, having that score in mind for the rest of the group. After some time I figured it was Maxime's deck since it was the first added score and Maxime was the one to start this residency period. Having seen this, I layed my tarot deck next to Maxime's, for the people to follow to have the opportunity to use both decks if they wanted.

< These tarot decks were such a nice part of my day! I love how you and Maxime both brought them.

< I think adding SIMIAN was a great idea, it adds this mystery to the clothes that were already hanging. And they enjoyed the company. 


I actually considered hanging my clothes up too, but I pack very efficiently and brought only the one pair of pants and still needed to travel back with them. I would have been curious to see if the others had joined in if I had as well.


Being in the space, I thought to myself how I could take my personal question Does my stay here qualify as an artwork for me? further, so I decided to keep all the receipts that I got during my stay and hang them on one of the walls.


I experienced problems in the process leading up to the exhibition having recurring miscommunication with my master Tinkebell that started to affect my creative process. A month before this exhibition started, I wrote her an email explaining these concerns. She replied, and then I replied back. After spending a meeting talking about this email, there was still miscommunication going on between us. I decided to expose these three emails inside Kunstpodium T. By exposing both my emails as well as Tinkebell's reaction, I made an artwork out of an issue I couldn't solve in my personal life.