Stay #5

As i arrived for my second stay, the first thing I noticed was that a lot had happened….elsewhere. The room I had altered during my first stay was only slightly changed, as all the others had migrated to another room to leave their traces. It would be a lie to say I was not a little disappointed.

Though I had not thought so during my first stay, I had somewhat overfilled the first space, leaving little place for the others. My work had screamed when I had meant it to speak calmly. And that is what informed most of my decisions during my second stay. I was determined to blur the edges some more, interact with what the others had left, and keep in mind to leave some room as they all had to come back again. All the scores that had been added in my absence, also offered so much more space than I let myself have the first time, as if somehow they had known what I would need. I had kept myself secluded to the one space when I was first there, but through the score I was generously obliged to explore the other spaces and the city more. 


How the rest of the group had altered the spaces, had opened my eyes to so much more that could be shared and done. Some collections had been started, by the person who preceded me. As I interacted with them I was aware of my power. To each one I added my mark on, I left a precedent for the others to follow. But what I left untouched, would now potentially remain solely with their original maker. 

“By translation we understand all negotiations, intrigues, calculations, acts of persuasion and violence, thanks to which an actor or a force takes, or causes to be conferred on itself, authority to speak or act on behalf of another actor or force.”  

< You did a 180 in this stay compared to your first stay (or at least, that's how I experienced it), because you initiated a connection with me through your interactions. During my first stay, I couldn't connect with you in the space, so I was happy that you took active action in initiating a connection in this stay.

< I guess it would feel like a 180, as despite it being my second time there, this was my first time reacting to you all. So it would seem I changed my tone quite radically in response to your works.

To me Tarot readings are such a personal thing, that I had not thought to share my readings with you, but when I saw Vladimir's post its, I immediately followed suit. It is interesting to get a glimpse on how we felt on each day based on the questions we asked.