Uncontrollable?/ Too soon to tell

In order to explore the boundaries between taking control and giving up control within this collaborative residency, each resident leaves a score/rule/instruction that the others must follow, along with some general scores set up by the group as a whole.

The scores:


Call someone you haven't seen for a while because of the pandemic

Take a picture of 'the farm' everyday and send it to Yanxian

• Draw a tarot card everyday and let it inspire/guide you

• Post your process online and tag Kunstpodium T everyday

• Discover a part of Tilburg (I liked walking through 'Korvel')

• End your day in 'The Sanctuary', make something big or small to share or keep to yourself

• Make at least one polaroid picture of somewhere in the space everyday and hang it on the place you took it

Choose a book, choose a page, and read aloud (to the space/to the audience) for 20 min everyday

Do only the things that bring you joy, without hurting the scores


< I hadn't seen that last one. Now I really wish we would all have had one more turn in the space, it's such a shame we didn't get one more turn with some of these scores.